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          Be enchanted, Visit Somerset

          Somerset has lots of surprises waiting to be discovered. As one of the larger English counties, Somerset has stunning beaches, green countryside, woodlands, lakes & more, covering a wide range of landscapes & environments. There’s so much to explore in this wonderful county, that even those lucky enough to live in Somerset are continually discovering its gems; wildflower meadows, beach waterfalls, ancient wells, unique carvings & underground reservoirs.

          These hidden gems can be found in addition to the well-known landmarks of Somerset, such as Glastonbury, Cheddar Gorge, Wells Cathedral or Exmoor, which have secrets of their own to be explored.

          Think of Somerset & what comes to mind? For some it is the stunning views across open countryside, others the fun to be had on its sandy beaches, or maybe it’s the superb strawberries, Cheddar cheese & cider? Our county is famous for the Glastonbury Festival, carnivals, Mulberry handbags & Arthurian legends, but there’s much more to be discovered!


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